Root pg - ܦܓ - show verses

Lexemes and words with root pg

ID Lexeme Category Form Meaning Origin language Concordance Strongs
1:2460 pwg ܦܘܓ Verb - cold - show verses G5594
Word (sort by word) Morphological information (sort by person, state/tense) Suffix information
ID Word Vocalized Syriac Person Gender Number State Tense Form Enclitic Person Gender Number
2:16446 npwg np,uwg, ܢܦ݂ܽܘܓ݂ Third Masculine Singular - Imperfect PEAL No - - -
2:16447 pg p'ag, ܦ݁ܳܓ݂ Third Masculine Singular - Perfect PEAL No - - -

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