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Analysis of Peshitta verse Colossians 1:8

Colossians 1:8 - ܘܗܽܘ ܐܰܘܕ݁ܥܰܢ ܚܽܘܒ݁ܟ݂ܽܘܢ ܕ݁ܰܒ݂ܪܽܘܚܳܐ ܀


(Etheridge) and who hath made known to us your love, which is in the Spirit.

(Murdock) and who hath made known to us your love in the Spirit.

(Lamsa) And who has made known to us your love for spiritual things.

(KJV) Who also declared unto us your love in the Spirit.

Grammatical analysis

General Morphological information Suffix information
Word Vocalised ID Root Category Meaning PS JEN CAL Person Gender Number State Tense Form Enclitic Person Gender Number
ܘܗܘ ܘܗܽܘ 2:5015 ܗܘ Pronoun he, it, is 101 59 62051-01080 Third Masculine Singular - - - No - - -
ܐܘܕܥܢ ܐܰܘܕ݁ܥܰܢ 2:8616 ܝܕܥ Verb know, known, recognize 188 91 62051-01081 Third Masculine Singular - Perfect APHEL No First Common Plural
ܚܘܒܟܘܢ ܚܽܘܒ݁ܟ݂ܽܘܢ 2:6112 ܚܒ Noun love, lovingkindness 129 71 62051-01082 - Masculine Singular Emphatic - - No Second Masculine Plural
ܕܒܪܘܚܐ ܕ݁ܰܒ݂ܪܽܘܚܳܐ 2:19641 ܪܘܚ Noun spirit, wind, breath 534 204 62051-01083 - Common Singular Emphatic - - No - - -

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