Shlama alaykhon!

Welcome to Dukhrana Biblical Research - an online organization specializing in providing tools to aid in the study of the Peshitta, the Bible in Aramaic/Syriac. Here you will find tools such as an analytical lexicon of the Syriac New Testament, digitized versions with search capabilities of some of the most common Syriac dictionaries, user-friendly full grammatical analysis of all the words in the Syriac New Testament, transcriptions and descriptions of manuscripts such as the Khabouris codex, translations of the Peshitta into different languages as well as easy comparison of several different New Testament editions and much more!

When I began studying Aramaic/Syriac (back in 2006) at the Department of Linguistics and Philology at Uppsala University I was looking for some useful Syriac lexicons and analytic tools on the Internet. I found a few, but unfortunately they were all lacking some functionality that I wanted. I then came across Dr. George A. Kiraz's wonderful Syriac Electronic Data Retrieval Archive (SEDRA3) and it looked really promising! Lots and lots of useful information about all the words of the Syriac New Testament packed into a database. My fingers started to itch and I just had to code something so I could easily access all the information in the database. The result was a Web-based Analytical Lexicon of the Syriac New Testament and the first iteration of Dukhrana.com.

Dukhrana.com has since then evolved and many new tools have made their presence known, often thanks due to the invaluable suggestions, recommendations and requests received from numerous users. Thanks! Dukhrana is, among other things, honored to host and help spread the transcription of the Khabouris Codex, a magnificent work done by Stephen P. Silver who is a long time friend and valued Dukhrana Biblical Research fellow. Dukhrana is also honored to make available two newly conducted translations of the Peshitta; one Dutch translation by Egbert Nierop and one Afrikaans translation by Gerrie C. Coetze.

If you have any comments, suggestions, corrections or requests then please don't hesitate to contact me at ljl@dukhrana.com. Also, Dukhrana Biblical Research's work, development and operation is completely conducted with resources taken from our own pockets, so if you love what we do and feel that you want to contribute and support us then a donation is always welcome!

Push b'shayna!

// Lars J. Lindgren


In order to properly display the Syriac characters on this site I suggest downloading the excellent Meltho OpenType™ Syriac Fonts (local mirror).

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